What is flyboarding

Flyboarding (also known as hydroflying) is an exciting watersport activity, which offers a unique experience for beginners and lots of tricks for advanced users. The board is installed with a waterjet, providing it with a huge amount of water pressure. When attached to your feet, the power takes you high up in the air. Flyboard is suitable for anyone with a basic fitness level, but you must be able to swim!

Our special recommendation is to try flyboarding as a special surprise on a bachelor/bachelorette party!

Flyboarding at Laguuni

The flyboarding experience at Laguuni is provided by Flyboard Helsinki.

There is no official age restriction on the sport, but for safety reasons we will only let you fly if you’re over 16 (or over 12 with significant watersporting experience). Junior flyboarders only with a guardian. All necessary training and guidance will be given to you before you take off!

You can make a flyboard booking on the front page.

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