Cablewake is a fun and fast pace activity, with the possibility to push your limits with all kinds of flips and spins.

Environmentally friendly cables make practicing
wakeboarding skills easier, cheaper and more versatile.
The cables in the Lagoon run exceptionally on solar energy
(thank you Fortum!).

We have two cables, the gear needed as well as professional guidance to ensure your first time on board goes as smoothly as possible. As a beginner all you need is a swimsuit, towel and a curious


It’s always best to make a booking before you arrive. You can make a booking 7 days in advance. Prices start from 25€. You can also rent the full kit (board, wet suit, floating vest + helmet) at 10€ when you get here.

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SUP Boarding

SUP = stand up paddle boarding is one of the fastest-growing sporting activities in the world. Supping is an easy and fun way to spend a relaxed summer day or improve your fitness level.

Laguuni offers SUP courses, trips, yoga and of course the hottest thing in summer 2019 – SUP polo! More info on SUP boarding here.

Board rental, SUP courses, SUP polo… you name it, we have it! From 20€/h.

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Freedom with


You can rent a kayak and enjoy the beautiful views around the Espoo archipelago! We have kayaks and paddling equipment for beginners and more advanced kayakers. We also offer courses and trips for all levels!  Read more about kayaking at Laguuni

Rental times vary from 2h to full day rental.

Kayak rental from 22€/2h. Longer trips and courses are available on the web shop.

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We organise kiteboarding courses for both beginners and more advanced kiters. You will be able to learn the tricks of this exciting watersport safely with our IKO certified, world-class kite teachers.

Kiteboarding course is also a fantastic gift idea! 

Read more about kiteboarding.

More information on kiteboarding courses and prices on the web shop! :)  

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You can now experience what it feels like to fly! A flyboard has a 260 horse power waterpressure that lifts you up in the air.  

First-timers welcome! You can safely practice the sport here in the expert guidance of Flyboard Helsinki. Read more about flyboarding.

Prices from 60€/10min.

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