Lasten paketti: Reckless Space Kids + LF RANT boots

543,00  sis. alv.

Reckless Space Kids: 125cm & 130 cm

For 2019 we offer the first RKLS kids board in the sizes 125 and 130cm. It is a simple, but nice shape with no bottom structure to learn feature riding more easily. This also keeps the retail price low. Of course it is equipped with a 100% paulownia woodcore (Eli Keisaripuu! Tunnettu kestävänä ja kevyenä rakennusmateriaalina), RKLS Indestructo Bade and PU sidewalls.

The Rant binding: 12T/5Y & 4/6

Is tiny but mighty and designed to give your grom all the comfort and support they need to get out there and progress on the water. The single lace and Velcro strap system provide a custom fit for stability and quick entry or exit. You can rest assured that this season your little ripper will be securely fastened and softly landing new tricks in no time!


SPACE KIDS | 125 & 130

12T/5Y & 4/6