Liquid Force Noodle + 4D Riot binding paketti

889,00  sis. alv.

Liquid Force Noodle: 142, 146, 150cm

Sidecut, Aysemetric outline, Flex tips… this board is about as out of the box as they come. For that rider that’s not afraid to try something new, the Noodle allows you to explore the outer dimensions of your shred sesh. The soft flex along with the flex zone tips allows this board to be pressed and popped in all directions. Maximizing its flex on the rails but still to send you off the kickers. The asym outline helps connect your feet to the apex of the rail in a direct line maximizing your control over the board both heelside and toeside and the sidecut gives you the ability turn quickly and responsively. Much like the snowboard when first introduced to the world, the Noodle will revolution your way of looking at the water.

Liquid Force 4D Riot: 4/6, 6/8, 8/9, 9/10, 10/11

Harley Clifford continues to charge harder and go bigger. As Harley pushes the limits he needs a binding that will do the same. The 2019 4D Riot has evolved to provide a more secure fit the closer more secure fit Harley want and you need to push your own personal limits. The one of a kind 3D molded uni-body quarter wraps your foot for a secure and stable energy transmission. The 4D Riot all you need for big cuts, monster jumps and stable landings