Reckless – R.A. Series


Reckless – R.A. Series: 136 cm, 140cm, 144cm, 146cm

The R.A. Series is an absolute allrounder with a 100% paulownia woodcore (Eli Keisaripuu! Tunnettu kestävänä ja kevyenä rakennusmateriaalina). We had the original shape since day one and improved it more and more by the years. It is strong in the center which gives the board a lot of pop, but flexy at tip and tail. The channels in the center and at tip and tail give the board track, but leave it loose enough to butter around. Due to the concave at tip and tail the board locks onto rails while pressing. It comes without fins and annoying fin holes. The RKLS Indestructo Base and the sanded PU sidewalls give the board the needed protection.


R.A Series 136

R.A Series 140

R.A Series 144

R.A Series 146