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In the summer the floating watersport center in Keilaniemi offers e.g. a giant water park, two wake cables, kayaking, stand up paddling. Floating sauna guarantees gentle steams with a seaview.

Please note that some of the sports may be reserved for groups, and at popular times the number of clients may fill up. You can check the booking status and secure your own place in our online shop.

Super fun

Water park

Our giant floating water park offers challenge and fun experiences for all ages! Adequate swimming skills are neccessary. The diverse obstacles include a tarzan liana, a giant slide and an iceberg that will challenge everyone!  

The water park is supervised by our staff and it’s for everyone over 6 years old with at least adequate swimming skills. A child between the ages of 6 and 12 must be accompanied by an adult guardian who constantly monitors the child at least from the beach. For parents, we also offer family tickets.  


Reserve your time in advance and save 2€ service fee with our online booking  (prices from 15€ /h). 

Varaa aika


In Keilaniemi we have two wakeboarding cables. You´ll get tips to ensure your first time on board goes as smoothly as possible, but if you feel a need for deeper instructions, we also offer courses for all levels.  

Cablewake is a fun and fast pace activity, with the possibility to push your limits with all kinds of flips and spins. From the two cables Easy is a shorter track and first choice for beginners, where as Pro is a little longer and contains more obstacles that you can choose to use. Both of the tracks are totally ok for all levels! Thanks to Fortum our cables run exceptionally on solar energy. 

Reserve your time in advance and save 2€ service fee with our online booking (prices from 25 € /h).

Varaa aika



In Laguuni Keilis you can easily rent a kayak and enjoy the beautiful views around the archipelago independeltly. Kayaking courses and safaris are also a great way to get acquainted with this awesome outdoor sport and the surrounding spots with the guidance of a professional.  

We offer quality kayaks and paddling equipment for beginners and more advanced kayakers. We also offer various courses and trips for all levels!  Read more about kayaking at Laguuni. 

Reserve your time in advance and save 2€ service fee with our online booking (prices from 27€ /h).

Varaa aika


SUP boarding

From Keilis you can rent a SUP board, take part in a guided excursion, rent a SUP polo area for your group or enjoy a yoga lesson on a SUP board.  In addition the rental board selection includes delightful options, such as date-SUP for two or an XXL board suitable for a group of friends. 

SUP tours offer new insights for both beginners and more experienced enthusiasts. During the excursions, you will learn about paddling equipment, safety, and various techniques for moving and turning. 

For groups SUP-polo game is a fast-paced and fun activity! The game is played on a separate field 3vs.3 or 4vs.4. Learn more about options for groups here. 

Reserve your time in advance and save 2€ service fee with our online booking (prices from 20 € /h).

Varaa aika



You can now experience what it feels like to fly! A flyboard has a 260 horse power waterpressure that lifts you up in the air.   

First-timers welcome! You can safely practice the sport here in Laguuni.  This is a perfect unique experiance for eg. bachelor parties. 

Reserve your time in advance and save 2€ service fee with our online booking.

Varaa aika

awesome sea views &

Restaurant + Sauna

Keilaniemi’s restaurant Blägä’s summer menu guarantees to leave no one hungry. The restaurant serves light and warm meals every day, as well as tailor-made catering to the groups.  

Outdoor experiece is in its best with a warm, floating sauna! You can also book the sauna for private use or come on a public sauna shift to enjoy the soft steams. 

How to arrive?

If you are arriving by metro, we recommend to stay at the Keilalahti station, which is about 700 m from Laguuni. From the Koivusaari station it is a slightly longer walk of over a kilometer.

If you arrive by bicycle, you can leave your bike in the bike park in front of the Laguuni.

City bikes are located right in front of the Laguuni.

For vehicles, there is 24-hour parking in front of the Laguuni. If you are unfamiliar with the place, we recommend that you set your navigator to Laguuni, as the official address is slightly wrong.

For those arriving by boat, the island of Stora Fröken has a guest marina for 8 boats.


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