The story of Laguuni

Laguuni is Finnish for lagoon – a shallow body of water separated from the sea by barrier islands or reefs. The Spanish call it lacuna, or empty space. For us, it is a very special place in Tarifa, Spain. Located right in the spot where the Mediterranean joins the Atlantic, this place is guaranteed to always be windy.

At certain times along the cycle of the moon, the sea forms a two meters deep lagoon on the Tarifa beach, and this is where we’ve spent some of the most fun and unforgettable days of our lives. We love it there for so many reasons – not only is Tarifa known for its amazing nature and excellent conditions for water sports, but its supportive, fun community of surfers and boarders is what makes it so unique. This is the spirit and environment that we want to offer you here at Laguuni.The team behind Laguuni has years of water sport experience, and for the last six years we have also worked within water sports in the form of events, courses and equipment stores. In five years, we have successfully managed to increase the awareness and visibility of wakeboarding and kitesurfing – Juuso has even broken two kitesurfing world records! The Laguuni team are passionate about creating a strong community around water sports in Finland. We are also constantly driven to improve the way we do things around here!


Laguuni’s mission is to bring people close to nature. We operate 90% with pure solar energy and we’ve got 10/10 points from Ekokompassi environment certificate. We want to change the way people appreciate our nature and acts to take care of it. That’s why our Finland-wide Itämeri Plogging charity project enables concrete cleaning of the Baltic Sea one kayak trip at a time. We offer everyone the opportunity to see and experience the Baltic Sea in all its beauty and harshness. 3 slogania: Laguuni’s mission is to bring people close to nature. The change needs real actions – thats why we involve everyone to our charity project. We want to change the way people appreciate our nature and acts to take care of it.


Our friend in the field of green energy is Fortum, who makes Laguuni even eco-friendlier. The people at Fortum are the best at providing their customers with electricity, heating, cooling and smart solutions. Together we are aiming to create a cleaner world.

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