Summer is just around the corner and that means the start of the Laguuni kayaking season. Read more, what Laguuni has to offer for kayakers in summer 2024!

The 2024 Laguuni kayaking season includes basic courses for all levels of kayakers as well as kayaking tours with a variety of themes and scenery. You can enjoy the moonlight in a kayak or explore the wonders of the universe on a kayaking tour with professor Esko Valtaoja.

This summer we have also added a kayaking card, which you can share with one or more friends and head out to enjoy the sea together!

It’s important for us at Laguuni to create an inspiring enviroment and community around your hobby.

The Laguuni Kayaking WhatsApp community is an informal way to catch up on upcoming adventures, current events and share vibes. Everyone interested in kayaking is welcome. Join us here!

Read below to find out what Laguuni kayaking summer 2024 has in store!

Kayaking tours

Throughout the summer, Laguuni organises atmospheric kayaking tours with changing themes! Join our professional guides to enjoy nature in the seascapes, admire the moonlight or combine paddling and the secrets of the universe on a theme tour with Professor Esko Valtaoja!

Opening trip of the kayaking season

Come and greet the sea after winter!

The Laguuni kayaking season starts with a tour on Saturday 4.5.24 at 12:00-15:00 at Keilaniemi. The three-hour tour will take place in the nearby archipelago at a leisurely pace with our instructors Ulla and Falcon. During the trip we will stop to enjoy our own snacks on the island and make our first pan coffee and tea of the season!

Read more here!

Kayaking in moonlight

The island has a magical atmosphere in the moonlight!

Moonlight kayaking offers an unique opportunity to admire the darkening evening in the Espoo archipelago, guided by our professional instructor. The four-hour trip takes you ashore on the island to barbecue your own food and enjoy an evening snack. We recommend that you have tried kayaking at least once before joining the trip.

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Combine kayaking and the secrets of the universe!

On 24 August, we will organise two four-hour theme tours with Esko Valtaoja the renowned Emeritus Professor of Astronomy. We will stop to reflect on the wonders of the world and ground ourselves in a conversation in the peace of nature.

Beautiful people, beautiful world. This day trip heads from Mustikkamaa towards eastern Helsinki and Lammassaari at a leisurely paddling pace. During the trip we will land at Lammassaari for a break of about 1.5 hours, during which we will relax, listen and discuss the wonders of the world and enjoy a snack.

Universe. This later excursion heads from Keilaniemi to the Espoo archipelago, where we enjoy a sunset and hear about the wonders of the universe, distant star systems and the birth of the universe. After dark, we will disembark on a peaceful island and let Esko Valtaoja’s stories transport us to the secrets of the universe.

Read more about Esko Valtaoja tours here!

Kayaking courses

Once again this summer, Laguuni is offering a wide range of kayaking courses for all levels!

At Laguuni you can either take individual paddling courses or a beginner course, which, once completed, will officially make you a Paddler 1 level paddler.

Read more about the course offer for summer 2024 and find out more about the courses by clicking on the course titles!

Paddler 1 course package

Are you planning to take up a new hobby in paddling or to refresh forgotten skills? Learn the basics of kayaking with our professional instructors!

Paddle Basics Part 1 & 2 and the Paddle Rescue Course make up the Paddle 1 course package. After completing the courses, you will receive a certificate and are officially a Paddler 1 level paddler!

The paddling basics part 1 course introduces you to the sport under the guidance of instructors. You will learn basic paddling techniques and enjoy the beautiful island scenery.

Once you have completed the first part, you can move on to the paddling basics part 2 course, which will develop your skills to the next level. This course will consolidate the skills you have already learned and practice new techniques.

In the paddle rescue course , you will practice how to react in case of a fall. No previous paddling experience is required, but we recommend you take the Fundamentals of Paddling Part 1 course first!

Alternatively, you can take the 10-hour Basic Paddling 1 course, where you’ll learn the most important things in a compact package!

Advanced courses

Once you have completed Paddle 1, you can take the Intermediate technique course for kayakers. In this 3-hour intermediate technique course you will learn more advanced techniques for sea kayaking and also improve your previous skills.

The teaching will be mostly in english!