Soon we can dig out our wake gear again and get on the cable. Check out what Laguuni has to offer for wakeboarders on summer 2024!

The summer has been long awaited and it will be here soon! Laguuni’s wake summer offers courses throughout the summer for beginners as well as more experienced enthusiasts. In addition, there will be a variety of events, camps and sessions! Completely new courses have been added for juniors and women.

In the summer of 2024, Laguuni aims to further increase the number of wakeboarders and focus on community.

It’s important for us at Laguuni to create an inspiring enviroment and community around your hobby. The Laguuni Wake WhatsApp -community is an informal way to catch up on upcoming sessions, current events and share vibes. Everyone interested in wake is welcome. Join us here!

Read below to find out what the Laguuni wake summer 2024 has in store!

elämyskeskus Laguuni

Beginners wakeboarding lesson

Trying wakeboarding for the first time? Or perhaps you want to refresh your memories and hone your technique? This low-threshold guided class is for you!

The course includes board control in the water, turns, different starts and, if you wish, your first tricks. The small group size ensures that there is time and attention for each participant. The maximum number of participants is three, so you get more practice time than in a normal wakeboarding session.

You’ll enjoy a relaxed and educational atmosphere with professional instructors!

Who: Beginners 💧💧

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Trick Clinic – Airtricks

When you have already mastered the basics of wakeboarding and want to deepen your skills in airtricks, head to the stunt clinic of the Finnish champion, Pekka!

This unique clinic teaches you the secrets of airtricks and different levels of tricks. We always set goals according to the client’s own interest and level.

Learning airtricks requires good board control, but no previous knowledge of airtricks is required to participate in the clinic – so come and challenge yourself!

Who: Experienced wakeboarders 💧 💧 💧 💧

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Wakeboarding Junior Camp 2024

12.6. Junior Camp takes over Laguuni!

The Laguuni Junior Camp is suitable for everyone aged 12-16 from beginners to more experienced wakeboarders.

The day starts at 9:00 from Keilaniemi and ends at 15:00 in Keilaniemi. There will be guided wakeboarding on the Hietsu cable and boat wakeboarding in Lapinlahti. In between, we will barbeque lunch in Hietsu and warm up in the barrel sauna if the weather is cold.

The maximum number of participants is 10 and the camp will be organised as long as at least 4 youngsters can join! Swimming skills are a prerequisite for participation. No previous experience is required.

Who: Open level 💧 No previous experience required.

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Wakeboarding Girls Camp 2024

On 26.5. it’s girls turn to take over the cables of the Laguuni!

There will be having fun together, learning the basics of the sport and new skills. The day will start at the Laguuni pier in Keilaniemi at 8:30 am and the program will continue until 4:00 pm. The day will include 2 x 2h wakeboarding sessions, with a lunch break in between to catch up and go through the tricks learned during the morning.

The camp can accommodate 10 participants and will take place if we receive at least 4 registrations. There will be two coaches on site all day and both easy and pro cable will be available to give you the most variety of obstacles. The day is open to wakeboarders of all levels, but it would be helpful if you have already tried the sport.

Who: Open level 💧

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Laguuni Wake Battle optimised by O.ME 2024

The wake summer will culminate in the already familiar Laguuni International Wakeboarding competition on 16.-17.8.2024!

The Laguuni Wake Battle optimised by O.ME will bring together the toughest wakeboarders in Europe to face the top Finnish wakeboarders in an exciting Wake Battle. Come and enjoy the pace of tricks and atmosphere that is sure to ignite the spark in everyone!