Ice swimming instructions

OPEN FROM 15.10.2022 TO 16.4.2023


As a season pass holder you can use Laguuni’s winter swimming place and dressing room independently every day between 6 am and 9 pm! NOTE! At other times, the hole is not in use and the pier’s alarm system is activated. The season pass is valid from the 15th of October 2022 to the 16th of April 2023.

The code is for personal use only. Laguuni staff conduct random inspections during the winter. If you bought the season pass for someone else, please make sure that we know the name of the correct season pass holder.

Arriving at Laguuni

The winter swimming place is located at Laguuni’s Keilaniemi location at Keilalahdentie 8. There is a parking lot next to our floating pier and the Keilaniemi metro stop is also 700 meters away. 

Arrival instructions for those arriving by car: Laguuni is next to the Karhusaari parking lot, just north of Länsiväylä (in front of the Fortum, Tieto, Microsoft office buildings). The bes way to find your way to the destination is to put Laguuni in a map application. 

Please read the directions to the changing rooms carefully below. 


Please follow these directions carefully so that everyone can smoothly enjoy our ice hole. 

The sauna and dressing rooms are located right next to the light traffic road (pedestrian and bikes), in front of the water park pier. You can find the code-operated key boxes on the outer wall of the dressing room. 

When you arrive at Laguuni, leave the key in the door for the duration of your swim. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU LOCK THE DRESSING ROOM WHEN YOU LEAVE AND PUT THE KEY CAREFULLY BACK IN THE BOX! The last person to leave always has the responsibility that the keys end up in the right place.

Code 1510 works for both key boxes. 

We opened the winter swimming place because we trust all our visitors. If there are any suspicions of abuse, there is a recording camera surveillance in the area from which we can check the situation. The staff conducts random inspections at the area. 


Please dry off most of the water on the rubber mat in front of the door. In addition, we hope that all visitors use a small floor towel so that the floors remain as dry as possible for other visitors too 🙂

There is a rubber mat leading to the water, walk carefully along the route. Always go into the water calmly and get up calmly. We recommend winter swimming shoes and a hat for the duration of the dip. 

If you have any feedback or questions, you can contact You can also reach us on weekdays from 9 am to 4 pm, and during public sauna sessions at 029 170 0353.

In case of problems at other times, you can also contact us directly by phone or message: Juuso (044 5693074), Pekka (040 5895271), Tiia (044 7661433), or Teemu (044 3662011).

Ps. Here’s a personal 5€ discount code for Laguuni’s public sauna sessiosns. Code: 2023AVANTO

We strive to continuously develop our operations based on the feedback we receive.

Relaxing winter swimming moments!


The crew at Laguuni
Laguunin poppoo

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