Kayaking at Laguuni

Kayaking is a relaxed, fun activity and an excellent upper body workout. We have plenty of rental kayaks and kayaking courses for paddlers at all levels. Rent a kayak on our bookings calendar on the homepage (prices from 23€/2h)

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Kayaking courses at Laguuni

The basics of kayaking’ is an excellent way to familiarise yourself with this outdoor activity under the guidance of a professional kayaker. You will learn the basic paddling techniques, right use of the kayaking equipment and important safety knowledge.  You can book the kayaking course on our web shop.

Kayaking routes in Helsinki and Espoo

Our kayaking ambassadors guide you to the various kayak routes through our blog and newsletter. How to know what is a good wind for kayaking in Helsinki, and when to stay in the beautiful Espoo archipelago? You’ll find answers to these questions, and plenty more, in our blog over the summer.

Laguuni is located in the beautiful coastal area of Keilaniemi, Espoo. We are right by Länsiväylä, 200m from Keilaniemi metro station and even closer to a city bike docking station. There is also plenty of free parking. You can also arrive here along the sea, by kayaking. 🙂


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