Wakeboarding at Laguuni

Wakeboarding is a fun activity suitable for all ages. At Laguuni, we offer a safe and secure environment in which you can try this super popular sport, guided by our expert teachers who just happen to be some of the best wakeboarders in Finland. Our cables are eco-friendly thanks to Fortum’s solar panels that provide our power.

It’s always best to make a booking before you arrive. You can make a booking 7 days in advance. Prices start from 25€. You can also rent the full kit (board, wet suit, floating vest + helmet) at 10€ when you get here.

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The wakeboarding cables at Laguuni

We have two wakeboarding cables at Laguuni, Pro and Easy. The Pro cable runs on a larger motor and it’s slightly longer. We have also installed various jumps and rails along the way, which you can take full use of if you like.

The Easy cable is a bit shorter than the Pro and allows you to wakeboard without any obstacles, which makes it a great choice for first-timers and beginners.

Watch a video about the wakeboard cables at Laguuni.


Wakeboarding suits everyone! The wakeboarding courses make it even easier to try the sport in a safe environment, under the guidance of professional wakeboarders. Learning to wakeboard step by step will maximize your enjoyment! Check out the courses here.

How to get here?

Laguuni is located in the beautiful coastal area of Keilaniemi, Espoo. We are right by Länsiväylä, 200m from Keilaniemi metro station and even closer to a city bike docking station. There is also plenty of free parking.


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