Are you a nature-lover and looking for activities in Helsinki during winter? With us at Laguuni you get to enjoy the Baltic Sea and it’s benefits all year long in our unique atmosphere.As the Finnish weather gets cold, our sauna in Keilaniemi stays warm. Laguuni Keilaniemi offers a quiet and relaxing spot for sauna, open-air swimming and relaxing by the nature, while still staying in the capital city. Our Keilaniemi location is easy to reach by public transportation or by car from anywhere in Helsinki.

On our pier you get to experience traditional Finnish wood-fired sauna with a view over the Keilaniemi, relax by the fireplace in our glazed lounge room and, if you’re brave enough, cold plunge in the Baltic Sea. In addition to our traditional wood-fired sauna this winter season we have an electric sauna as well.

The temperature in our saunas stays between 80-100°C (160-210°F). Our warm water pump keeps the swimming spot clear from ice and the water temperature above 0 °C ( 32 °F). You can either get to the water slowly by using our built in stairs or dip in from the ladder.

On the pier we have lightly heated dressing rooms to get changed and to keep your stuff safe while enjoying the experience. There is also shower possibility in the sauna to rinse off the salt water.

All of our visitors are welcome to enjoy our glazed lounge room and relax by the fireplace. You can bring your own snacks and drinks with you, but we also offer the option to buy refreshments and hot drinks from us. On winter season our restaurant is unfortunately closed.

Sauna & winter swimming takes place in (minimum) one-hour shifts. There is room for 9 people per every public shift. You can book your spot here. Public shifts will be added according to demand.

It is also possible to book a sauna for private use or take a standard sauna shift for your group.

What do you need to bring with you?

Not much! We offer separate changing rooms for men and women, but the saunas are unisex so bring your swimsuit with you. You can either bring your own towel with you or rent one from us. We highly suggest slippers to keep your feet warm while moving on the pier.

Book your spot now and experience sauna the Finnish way! Read more information here.